Think Before You Leap -- Motivation Monday (We Don't Give A Frak)

on Thursday, January 31, 2013
Think Before You Leap -- Motivation Monday (We Don't Give A Frak) Tube. Duration : 1.23 Mins.

Happy Monday! It's time for Joe's weekly inspiration. Unfortunately, this is the last Motivational Monday for Joe. However, if you want to see more, let us know in the comments/ subscribe to our channel/ like this video, it will be your way of telling us that you just can't get enough and we will bring Joe back! In the meantime, we are going to keep bringing the motivation and inspiration every Monday on our We Don't Give A Frak Twitter Feed! Follow us on twitter to still get your weekly dose of Joe. Stay Motivated. Follow Joe to his new home on Twitter: Subscribe: ‪ Tumblr: Twitter Facebook: We Don't Give a Frak is the greatest channel ever created, however, we don't give a frak about that. We make how to videos for ladies, a show about Batman, and geek raps. We also upload a random assortment of nonsense. Once in a while i like to take a bath. don't get me wrong, I bathe, which is to say i wash myself... mostly showers when we have hot water. Or a mexican spongebath when we don't. I just seldom take the time to really soak. So today i was bathing, soaking in the bath tub. I had the door open because the hot water was making the air thick, and my cat Pouncers came and jumped on the rim of the tub. He looked unstable for a minute as he tried to balance, and right as he looked like he was going to be ok, like he was going to be perfectly perched on the rim of the bathtub, he decided to take ...



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